Let’s party !!

enjoy with your friends

You can organize a lunch in a
private and exclusive context

We have the tradition of offering
memorable churrasco to taste
carefully selected cuts of meat
from the best farms in the world

But let’s not forget the wines and beers ….

adventure party

Do you want to organize
a themed party for 50 children?
See them identified in a fantasy world
with the organization and competence of
a super-professional team ?

themed cake

At a memorable birthday party
you should not miss a
special cake ….

Agree with us all the details
of your dream cake.

long lasting party

If the birthday boy has a few more years
where you can organize
a party that lasts
maybe 3 days and 3 nights ?? !!
Gather your friends in a
quiet and isolated place
where you can be free
to be together,
have a bath, sunbathe,
have a beer and
hear good music ?? !!

team brainstorming

We are so close to Milan and Malpensa
that some company
has come to find us
to gather small work groups and
develop winning strategies
away from
the frenzy of the office.

photo shooting

We had the pleasure of hosting some
fashion photo shooting.